Find out about the slides at AquaMijas: from the gentlest to the most exciting

Conoce los toboganes de AquaMijas

At AquaMijas everyone will have an amazing time, from the most nervous to the bravest. Our park’s slides are responsible for your fun, that’s why we’re going to dedicate this post to them.  If you want to know everything about our exciting slides… read on!

If you want to warm up and try something gentle when you first arrive at the park, without a doubt we recommend the Diver-Dragón, a fun open-top slide to enjoy with the whole family. It is also suitable for all ages and uses just your body. Sounds good, right? Well, there’s even more for the whole family to enjoy. If you want to increase the intensity a little… obligatory stop at our Slide Labyrinth! Two thrilling slides intersecting 108m and 92m. An experience that must be had. Which of the two will you pick? Come and find out.

At our Rio Bravo you will discover fun drops and exciting curves. It’s more than 100 metres long and you can enjoy it with your family and friends! And, you know what? We don’t just have one river… Also discover our Rio Aventura, in which you can ride in an individual or double float ring. Dare to go down our river and enjoy its curves and drops.

Look out! One of our favourites is here: our Crazy Loop. An enclosed tube slide with fantastically fun light effects to be enjoyed among our crazy loops. Use just your body and have the best time ever. If you fancy something even more exciting that you can also enjoy with friends or family, we recommend our Multi-lane Racers – an slide with 4 lanes. Ideal for having water races with your family and friends. Also appropriate for all ages!

Last (but not least) our straight drop slide: The Kamikaze! Our 17-metre high slides will leave you speechless. Cross your arms and enjoy the speed with a friend in the slide next to you.

What do you think of our attractions? We’re sure that after reading this post you are dying to come and try the attractions yourself. Don’t wait any longer, buy your tickets now and come and see us!

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